The Next Stage


The season 8 premier of Shark Tank last week featured a high school student from Naperville, IL and her efforts to stop cyberbullying.

After reading about the suicide of a girl who was the victim of cyberbullying, Trisha Prabhu decided to take action. She developed a smartphone app called ReThink, which detects potentially harmful language in text and social media messaging. It then asks the user to confirm that this is really the message they want to send. She developed a technology called ReThink, which analyses language the used in text and social media messaging. If the message is found to be potentially harmful, the user is asked to confirm whether to send or not.

I had the opportunity to photograph Ms. Prabhu and hear her story at last year’s TEDxNaperville.

Her time in the tank landed her a joint investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

Learn more about Trisha Prabhu and watch her TEDxNaperville talk here.

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