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The Next Stage


The season 8 premier of Shark Tank last week featured a high school student from Naperville, IL and her efforts to stop cyberbullying.

After reading about the suicide of a girl who was the victim of cyberbullying, Trisha Prabhu decided to take action. She developed a smartphone app called ReThink, which detects potentially harmful language in text and social media messaging. It then asks the user to confirm that this is really the message they want to send. She developed a technology called ReThink, which analyses language the used in text and social media messaging. If the message is found to be potentially harmful, the user is asked to confirm whether to send or not.

I had the opportunity to photograph Ms. Prabhu and hear her story at last year’s TEDxNaperville.

Her time in the tank landed her a joint investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

Learn more about Trisha Prabhu and watch her TEDxNaperville talk here.

Coming Back for Tipping Points

20141028 occasionalmomentsofbrillianceTEDx-6476

20141028 occasionalmomentsofbrillianceTEDx-6469

20141028 occasionalmomentsofbrillianceTEDx-6519

20141028 occasionalmomentsofbrillianceTEDx-6451

You may remember this post from the last TED conference that I went to. I wasn’t there as a photographer, but was able to capture a few moments in the midst of making sure the backstage area ran smoothly. The folks at TEDxNaperville were impressed with my eye and creativity and asked me to partner with them for this years presentation of “Tipping Points”.

TEDxNaperville is celebrating five years of sharing ideas and sparking discussion at this sold out event on Friday, November 7. I’ll be there, taking photos all afternoon as the ideas flow.

I stopped in last week to get a taste of things to come at The Grounds For Hope Café in Lisle, which will once again be hosting this year’s conference. I had a great time connecting with the TEDxNaperville staff and volunteers as they put on the finishing touches.

Fluid Impulse

I had the opportunity to photograph Brandon, TJ and Steven of the band Fluid Impulse a few times during the summer. While hanging out with the guys before the shows, I enjoyed listening to the conversation shift from critiques of the other bands to last minute set list and wardrobe changes. Each of them brought different influences and experience to the conversation, and then performed with one voice during the show. These three are currently involved with separate projects but I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Stage lighting quality in these venues varies quite a bit. Most of my images were shot with the aperture close to wide open, which allowed me to focus on each member of the band individually.

You can keep up with their latest developments here: www.fluidimpulse.com