Occasional Moments of Brilliance

Photography that is always great, and occasionally brilliant.


M10_8990 WordPress profile Thailand

Raised outside Chicago, Michael received his first SLR as a university student studying graphic design. After finishing his degree he pursued photography and design simultaneously, often using one to support the other. Soon Michael embraced photography full time and has been shooting constantly ever since.  In 2008 he began a three and a half year adventure teaching art and English at a high school in Seoul, South Korea. This gave Michael the unique opportunity to seek brilliant moments in and around eastern Asia. Currently residing in Chicago where daily he studies the ways that people, location, light, emotional, and technical converge.  It is in these moments that the great, and occasionally brilliant is captured.

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One Response to “About”

  1. Tim Lefley

    Great Website Mike and your photography is inspiring man! Tim Lefley


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